Apr 15, 2007

उस भाषा का लेखक

एक भाषा हुआ करती है
जिसमें जितनी बार लिखना चाहता हूँ मैं
आंसू से मिलता जुलता कोई शब्द
हरबार बहने लगती है रक्त की धार

एक भाषा जिसमे लिखता हुआ हर ईमानदार कवि पागल हो जाता है
आत्मघात करती हैं प्रतिभाएं...

1 comment:

anaam said...

can you give a brief resume' of your poetic and fictional work? as also of filmmaking?.
kindly give an outline of your work.
intoduction is incomplete and sketchy.
can you reveal the total you?-that is ,if you want to,and if it is possible.or, others should better discover that for themselves.
it is a tribute to your genius that the great german indologist has taken a serious note of you.
but i would like to have your biographical sketch, and form a definite opinion of my own.also i need an address of the publication?
i would like to have a copy of my own with hindi original?