Sep 12, 2007

Whose Lives are This Anyway

With All the Rigor of Pity
Count them
You may count them. They
Are not like the sand on the sea shore. They
Are not like the multitudes of stars. But Single people.
In a corner, in the street.

Yes, count them. Watch them
Watch the sky from their ruins.
Get out from between the stones, and Return. Where to return. But count them,
For they serve their terms in dreams.....

(Yahuda Amichai)

This was the railway track, where just one day before, these kids were flying colorful kites over the sky. The date was 15th August 2007, Independence Day of India. They were flying kites to celebrate the day. They love their country, they cheer and dance when India wins a cricket match. They cry when India loses...
That day, while flying kites three of them got crushed under a fast running train. They were looking to the sky and to the colors of their kites at that time....
Well, it hardly matters. India is one of the fastest developing country in Asia just after China.
Wheels of development are moving fast. No matter who and what comes on the way. Kids still love their India. They cheered when it won Asia Cup in Hockey and wept when it lost to England in cricket...
(These and many more photographs are taken by a very young and brilliant photographer Marcus Fornell, touring India through all modes of transportation...Train, Aeroplane to Bullock-carts. A few days before, he fell from the camel and received bruises on chin and got one of his camera lens broken. However, he has brought fascinating pictures from the deserts and villages of colorful Rajasthan.
Want to see ? Go to Incredible India:

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