Feb 20, 2008


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Written by Tribune News Service, Chandigarh
Thursday, 14 February 2008

WhThe department of Indian theatre is ready with its annual production and this time it is history vis-à-vis modern times. The play titled ‘Warren Hastings ka saand’ is based on a short story written by writer Uday Prakash by the same name. The play portrays various aspects of exploitation, be it at the hands of the Britishers in the past or Indians at the hands of fellow Indians in the present.

Directed by Kumara Varma of the department, the story revolves around Warren Hastings who comes to India and adapts the culture and later on succumbs to the system and becomes what the system wants him to be.

“The idea is to show that in some form or the other the exploitation continues even after India being independent. Sometimes it is in the form of capitalism, sometimes globalisation and at times when the outside forces capture our markets. But it’s the common man who suffers ultimately”, said one of the actors.

Lord Clive had observed what was happening in the contemporary times more than 200 years ago and his observations were depicted through a powerful speech in the play”, said another. To make it a success, the students are researching, rehearsing and doing everything related to the play themselves from costume designing to lights arranging. The show would be organised at the studio theatre in the department of Indian theatre, Panjab University, from February 14-23 at 6.30 pm.

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