Dec 25, 2009

Wishing you a meaningful Christmas and a happy, and violence-free YEAR 2010

This is an email greeting i received from George Goldy yesterday with a very inspiring poem. i post it hear for friends who visit this blog.

Dear friends:

An irrelevant birth in the manger,

Of an ordinary, unimportant, child,

The spaceless birth,

The pains and agonies of a virgin mother,

To bear the identity of slumhood,

To live amidst betrayed, battered and undignified.

But today,

Traditions changed, trends changed

Years changed, volume changed

Language changed, literature changed,

Yet there is something unchanged,

Rather unwilling to change,

The labour of this new birth

Still striving to break the womb

And see this world

The voice of freedom,

The voice of humanhood,

The voice of liberation,

The voice of brotherhood

Had been battered ever than before

Suffered more than in the history

The days ahead are more brutal and violent

Anyone dare to oppose it will be anti-national,

Or a terrorist,


Don’t dare, YOU

Dalits, Adivasis, Women, Working Class

Blacks, Ethnics, Indigenous, Subalterns

Minorities, Majority, etc. etc.

Yet! There’s hope that one day

The bells of freedom and liberty will ring…

The flag of peace and love will fly up high in the sky...

Over the earth, in the world,

In every country, every province

In every town, every village.

May this Christmas and the New Year 2010 bring back the hopes of freedom, liberty and peace for all. Let the year 2010 be a step forward in gaining strength and courage. Let's greet each other with the hope that this year would be a better one is the struggle for justice, freedom and fuller humanity

Wishing you a meaningful Christmas and a happy, and violence-free YEAR 2010

Warm regards


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